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About Us

Gastronomica was founded in 2000 by Marco Vineis to import high quality food from Italy and provide advice to chefs in the UK. It has developed strong, exclusive relationships with Italian suppliers and introduced many small rural producers to the wider European market.

Much more than a food importer, Gastronomica's service is based on close collaboration between producers, suppliers and chefs. These relationships enable producers to satisfy their requirements and Gastronomica to inspire well-known chefs to create dishes using new products – its most important role as a company.

We at Gastronomica believe that poor rural economies have great potential, if supported by effective organisation, and that Italy's mountain cheeses (and other traditional foods) are literally masterpieces. The know-how and skills of shepherds and artisans contribute greatly to the local culture and economy, maintaining important traditions and helping to regenerate their communities.

As an example, our supplier and friends Riccardo and Maria from the Castelmagno area (Val Grana, Piemonte) have recently happily given birth to a child in a village where no children were born for over 17 years - literally breathing new life into their community.

Gastronomica imports foodstuffs from over 20 producers and suppliers, and stocks over 200 cheeses, hams and other products. They all have a unique history, rooted into their local cultures, and which enrich the lives of all who have contact with them. We encourage you to try them all!

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